Transportation services in CIS countries

At All Points Container Line, we understand that your cargo needs to go where you need it, and at the most time-effective and cost-effective solution. By choosing us to handle your freight destined for CIS countries, you are choosing the best carrier possible – it is our specialty

However, by collaborating with our affiliate, Sonora, we are able to offer unparalleled shipping to anywhere in CIS countries. As Sonora is situated in the Baltic States, we are able to collaborate together to come up with an expedient solution, utilizing a wide array of rail, sea, and truck shipping methods available in the CIS region

We provide


All kind of logistic services

We work in CIS countries more than 15 years and ensure all kind of services using all possible routes


Cargo insurance

We insure each cargo which we deliver in every route and that gives a high trust from our customers


“Door to door” service

We handle and manage all aspects of your transportation from provision of a freight readdressing on the route, loading and unloading operations till the moment of delivery to the specified destination


High level of services

In all CIS areas we work under ISO requirements, providing highly valued service based on the USA and Europe`s standards

SONORA – our affiliate in CIS countries


“Sonora” was established in 2000 and started its activities by exporting wool and cotton from Central Asia to Europe and the Baltic States. As the demand for transportation and logistics services grew, the company began to develop in a wider scale and became a full service transportation and logistics company. Following a strict workflow of standards allows SONORA to meet and exceed these goals. The quality of company’s services is confirmed by the Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2008.


Telephone: +371 66016006
Fax: +371 67718850

Skype name: sonora.latvia
Address: Duntes street 11, LV-1013, Riga Latvija
Time zone: GMT +2



“Work in the domain of freight transportation and logistics once again confirms how small the world actually is, if you have professional knowledge. Every company can implement colossal projects of international scale, if it has at hand a reliable partner who provides full service transportation and logistics. And, the dream team is the pride and power of Sonora.”

Why choose SONORA for transportation services in CIS countries?


A Millennial Business

Formed at the turn of the millennium, Sonora has 15 years of experience under its belt. This experience gives them a decisive edge in the freight transportation industry


CIS Countries Are In Their Backyard

Situated in the Baltic State of Latvia, Sonora has a geographical advantage in that CIS countries borders their country. This superb geographical location makes Sonora a prime candidate when transporting freight to CIS countries


High Standards

Sonora has been awarded the Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2008, which officially demonstrates their superb service on a international level


Transportation Optimization

Sonora will use all form of transportation available to CIS countries, such as rail, truck, and air to ensure that your freight will be delivered at the most cost-effective solution

Thinking CIS?  Think Sonora!


ImageWagon typeCarrying capacity (t)
Capacity (m3)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
Covered wagon 250m3Covered wagon 250m341/49/50240 - 25023 3403 0903 672
Covered wagon 158m3Covered wagon 158m366,715817 6002 7433 400
Covered wagon 150m3Covered wagon 150m36815017 4622 7903 106
Covered wagon 138m3Covered wagon 138m36813815 7242 7642 800
Covered wagon 136m3Covered wagon 136m35313620 4402 5402 620
Open top wagonOpen top wagon7175,212 6902 8902 050
PlatformPlatform71-13 3002 770400

*The dimensions of wagons and platforms may differ depending on the carrier equipment