Maintaining the Flow of Freight

Sea freight shipment is one of the oldest methods for transporting goods, and it is still as effective today as it was hundreds of years ago

Shipping on the sea allows for the heaviest cargoes to go the furthest distance, making it easily the most economical method of transportation. Likewise, All Points Container Line offers our clients and partners the widest range of service when it comes to the water, at a low price

Anywhere, Anytime

Ship to and from any part of the world. Regardless of where your freight is now, we can get it to where it needs to be, all from the water. We ship to any port in the world

Containers to Fit Your Need

Regardless of what you are shipping, we have containers that can fit your needs. Multiple sizes and safety measures are included to make sure that all of your freight will be delivered to where it needs to go, safely and securely, all for a cost-effective price

Country to Country, Person to Person

We provide incomparable service when it comes to sea freight, including door-to-door delivery. When opting for sea freight, you are opting for a swift delivery, supreme service, flawless execution of all necessary documentation, customs formalities, warehousing, and freight consolidation

We provide


Optimal transit times

We call on our extensive experience and intricate web of connections to ensure that your freight will be where it needs to at the fastest time possible


High level of safety

Safety is always a cause for concern. By both us and our partners keeping an extensive log, we can help prevent unforeseen circumstances during shipment


Door To Door deliveries

Once you choose us, we will handle every aspect of delivery from door-to-door. Freight re-addressing on a route and loading and unloading cargo will bring your freight to a doorstep across the world


Personalized service

Every shipment is different, and that is why we customize every shipment per individual in order to give our clients the cheapest, fastest solution

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Freight insurance

Accidents happen. That’s why we collaborate with some of the top leading freight insurers to make sure that you are covered for any damages your cargo may sustain during shipment.

Compensation may be awarded for the following instances:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Theft, robbery
  • General accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Other circumstances, determined on a case-by-case basis

Freight insurance means personal-interest insurance. By insuring your freight, we are also insuring your business decisions. Our clients and partners are our priority, and so we ensure that they will get the best outcome in any situation, even in situations that are unforeseen.

Container types and dimensions*

ImageContainer type Internal length (ft)Internal width (ft)Internal height (ft)Door height (ft)Door width (ft)Container carrying capacity (lb)Capacity (cubic feet)
20 ft standard container20 ft standard container19' 4 1/8"7' 8 1/2"7' 10 3/16"7' 5 1/2"7' 8 1/16"62,1701,165
40 ft standard container40 ft standard container39' 5 11/16"7' 8 1/2"7' 10 3/16"7' 5 1/2"7' 8 1/8"63,49302,366
40 ft High Cube container40 ft High Cube container39' 5 11/16"7' 8 1/2"8' 10 1/8"8' 5 7/16"7' 8 1/8"63,1002,684
20 ft open top container20 ft open top container19' 5 ''7' 8 5/16''7' 6''7' 4 11/16''7' 6''62,728-
40 ft open top container40 ft open top container40'7'8 3/8"8' 8 4/9"8' 5 9/12"7' 8"58,377-
20 ft Flat Rack container20 ft Flat Rack container19'9 3/4"8'7'3 7/8"--92,800-
40 ft Flat Rack container40 ft Flat Rack container39' 1/16"7'9 7/16"7'5 1/16"--104,279-
20 ft Reefer container20 ft Reefer container
17'10 9/16"
37' 11 7/8"
7' 6 1/8"7' 1 5/16"7' 3 1/16"7' 6 1/8"60,600953
40 ft Reefer container40 ft Reefer container37' 11 7/8"7' 11 1/6"7' 11 1/6"8' 1 1/14"7' 5 9/16"64,9922,384
45 ft  High Cube Pallet Wide container45 ft High Cube Pallet Wide container 44'4 3/4"7'11"8'1"8'5 3/4"7'9 1/2"64,0503,122

*Container dimensions may vary depending on the carrier’s equipment