Worldwide transportation specialists

Our business partners enjoy dealing with our highly motivated, friendly, client-oriented and competent staff

There is no better gauge of a business than its staff.  Our partners over the years have always complimented us on our staff, saying that they are some of the best and brightest in the freight transportation industry.

All Points staff members put the needs of the client before anything else.  Our staff relies on extensive teamwork and experience in order to achieve common goals: moving businesses and ideas globally.   

Our Strategy

Full-Service Logistics 

At the core of our strategy is the ability to provide an extensive range of services to our clients.  Since our inception, we have constantly widened the scale of our development.  By doing so, we are now a full-service transportation and logistics company.  Any mode of transportation, anytime, for anything.  

Extensive Experience 

The staff on our team at All Points Container Line all have background in the freight transportation industry. This experience is displayed flawlessly into their work.  Our extensive experience allows us to give the best comprehensive service to our clients; one that is proven and battle tested.

Proven Quality 

Time and time again, we have exceeded the expectations set by our clients.  A ceiling to us is nothing more than a myth; we are ready and willing to go above and beyond for every client.  Our partners agree but see for yourself how we can exceed your own expectations. 

“Logistics is so much more than just moving things from place to place.  It is about moving markets, ideas, and people to points where no one thought they could go.  All Points just doesn’t move freight, we move businesses, thoughts, and visions.  That is what we have always done, and what we will continue to do."

David M. Rosen

Our Board

David M. Rosen

Dennis J. Romano
Vice President of Sales and Trade

Our Team

Our team is comprised of some of the best and brightest the transportation industry has to offer.  With degrees held from some of the best universities in the Northeast, and with extensive experience in the industry, we can assist clients of any type.  Our close-knit team can conjure personalized solutions on the global scale.

We believe in finding optimal solutions for all of our clients, and we will do everything we can to make sure their freight arrives where it needs to be, when it needs to be.  For the team, our job is not complete at delivery.  Our job is complete when you are satisfied.

We are members of numerous international agency groups

It is said that invisible threads are some of the strongest ties.  We are a prominent member in some of the most reputable associations of international freight forwarders and logistics, that demonstrate our high level of service directed towards our clients.