The most reliable mode to transport goods

Dependable Transportation

The use of rail freight to transport cargo has become more popular over the course of recent years due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, speed and low environmental impact. At All Points Container Line, we provide our clients and partners innovative solutions and service through optimizing costs per your cargo amount and agreement of your delivery. Our vast network of warehouses gives us the ability to provide accurate and careful handling of your cargo in this transport mode, with safety and security in mind.

Safe and Secure Rail Freight

Our knowledge and network allows us to provide safe and secure rail transport across the globe, including in China, Europe, Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

Wagons to Support Your Needs

We provide railway wagons according to your needs and specifications of your cargo. Whether we are transporting oversized cargo, forwarding non-standard freight or using rail transport for volatile goods, wagons are available with safety in mind.

Unparalleled Service to Your Door

We provide each client with personalized service - even door-to-door transport - while keeping our partners abreast of the handling process of their cargo and forwarding process through the duration of the project.

We Provide

Optimal mode of transportation and costs

We utilize sea and land transportation to give you the most cost-effective solution available for your needs.

Road Survey

At every step in the transportation process, engineering technical services of dimension adjustments allows us to plan each stage out and maximize precision.

Related services

Customs handling, warehousing, and execution of all necessary documents are all provided by All Points Container Line.

Warehouse services

We provide warehousing services as well, which includes documentation, handling, and implementation of subsequent shipments.  

Freight insurance

Accidents happen.  That’s why we collaborate with some of the top leading freight insurers to make sure you are covered for any damages your cargo may sustain during shipment. 

Compensation may be awarded for the following instances:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Theft, robbery
  • General accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Other circumstances, determined on a case-by-case basis

Freight insurance means personal-interest insurance.  By insuring your freight, we are also insuring your business decisions.  Our clients and partners are priority number one. As a result, we ensure that they will get the best outcome in any situation, even ones that are unforeseen.