Monthly Archives: October 2019

Trans-Atlantic Carriers Boosting Capacity Ahead of Tariffs

Trans-Atlantic carriers are boosting total capacity from Europe to American by more than 10%. The US has imposed more than $7.5 billion in tariffs on goods from Europe, which can potentially threaten the almost 7% volume growth seen this year.   Trade Will Increase North Europe and East Coast US trade capacity will increase over

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The Reality of Warehouse Shortages

Planning for the holiday season sometimes starts years in advance in the logistics sector. The uncertainty with the current Brexit situation has left businesses in the UK scrambling to stockpile goods to prevent potential shortages. All this stockpiling has left warehouses stuffed to the brim. The reality of warehouse shortages is affecting the entire logistics

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Boxing Smart

Oversized boxes can be quite the headache, both on the sending and receiving end. Nevertheless, oversized boxes are still used in the shipping industry. Why? Let’s take a look at some ways the shipping industry is trying to move towards smarter boxing.   Big Box Woes According to customer surveys, receiving giant boxes much bigger

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