Boxing Smart

Oversized boxes can be quite the headache, both on the sending and receiving end. Nevertheless, oversized boxes are still used in the shipping industry. Why? Let’s take a look at some ways the shipping industry is trying to move towards smarter boxing.


Big Box Woes

According to customer surveys, receiving giant boxes much bigger than the items they ordered is one of the most annoying things about online shopping. These large shipping boxes are hard to carry, get through doorways, and hard to dispose of once you’re finally able to remove your purchases. Most customers want to see packaging minimized, as well as more eco-friendly packaging utilized.


Incentives for Companies to Box Smart

In the online shopping world, reviews are everything. One bad one-star review on a popular site can bring a company’s overall average way down. So if you send your customers their new shoes in a box big enough to store a big-screen TV, you’re bound to have problems. The fear of negative reviews, as well as changes in shipping charges, are causing companies to think twice about oversized boxes.


Packing Technology Advancements

In the last few years, a new packing system has developed where cartons are rapidly made to the exact measurements required for packing a specific item or order. This system that focuses on package specifics can completely eliminate the need or use of oversized boxes. Not only will this cut down on packaging waste by downsizing the boxes themselves, but it will also eliminate the need for wasteful packaging fillers like bubble wrap and styrofoam packing peanuts.


Better for Shipping and Better for the Planet

As these new packing systems are developed, it will not only streamline the packing process and help retain customers, but it will also cut down on packaging waste. Less waste means better bottom lines and a cleaner planet. The way we see it, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.