How New York and New Jersey Will Benefit from New Port Rail Project

How New York and New Jersey Will Benefit from the New Port Rail Project

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Port of New York and New Jersey is considering a plan to open up its rail terminal in Elizabeth, NJ. This move will allow more than one train to enter or leave the terminal at once. This small change can increase rail cargo by 40% over the next five years. Let’s look at how else this new plan will benefit the two states.


Create A Straight Path

Making this small change to the Elizabeth terminal would allow trains leaving the ExpressRail to head south immediately. Currently, trains leaving Elizabeth must first head north before circling south. Since only one train at a time can use the current terminal entrance, there will be far fewer disruptions and delays with the new plan. This also means less commotion and a safer rail.


Increase Cargo Volume

With this new proposal, the annual volume of cargo could increase up to 300,000 more containers over the next five years. This would be an incredible boost for the local economy and national industry overall.


Clear the Tracks

This new Port rail project will not only increase cargo flow, but it will also improve the fluidity of the freight rail lines in general. Smoother rail travel means fewer glitches, safer rails, and better overall flow of the freight system. The terminals in both Newark and Elizabeth will have more flexibility with loading and unloading, instead of having time constraints to do so with the current system.


Looking Forward to the Future

The yet to be funded new Port rail project will be a game-changer for the entire logistics industry. With smoother running tracks, more direct routes and plenty of flexibility to load and unload, the future of the New York and New Jersey freight train world is looking bright!