Monthly Archives: March 2020

Advances in Technology Can Benefit Logistics

The logistics industry is known for its impeccable organization. However, this well-oiled machine couldn’t work as smoothly without the cooperation of all it’s moving parts. With customers all over the world depending on it, maximum efficiency is a must. With the climate change crisis making a significant impact on the industry over the last decade,

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What’s in Store for the Industry in 2020

It’s the start of another year, and everyone is wondering what’s in store for the logistics industry in the months to come. Let’s take a look.   The Brexit Effect Brexit undeniably caused a lot of problems for the industry in 2019, and the future is still unknown. Since the UK’s trade deal won’t be

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Digital Innovations Coming Soon

New advances in technology are accelerating the pace of change for businesses across Europe. However, many companies are unaware of how the developments in AI, Machine Learning, data analytics or other innovations will impact their operations in 2020. Let’s take a closer look.   AI and Machine Learning AI and Machine Learning could open up

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