Advances in Technology Can Benefit Logistics

The logistics industry is known for its impeccable organization. However, this well-oiled machine couldn’t work as smoothly without the cooperation of all it’s moving parts. With customers all over the world depending on it, maximum efficiency is a must. With the climate change crisis making a significant impact on the industry over the last decade, it can no longer be ignored. Thankfully, recent technological advances have taken a massive step towards filling in the gaps that global warming has caused. Let’s take a closer look.


Green Credentials

Customers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental efforts that shipping companies make in their day to day operations. Green credentials are becoming more and more prevalent in the logistics industry. A big way for companies to cut down on energy consumption is to change their lighting sources. Every building, every warehouse and every office needs lighting. By switching all lighting sources to LED, the logistics sector has begun to reduce its lighting energy consumption by 80%. This is a huge number by any means.

Solar Power

Besides LED, solar power is an amazing way to make the easy switch to sustainable energy. In fact, all logistics companies should be looking to come off the grid entirely in the next five years. The only way to address the climate crisis in any sort of legitimate way is to push towards becoming entirely self-sustainable.

Advances in Tech

To ensure companies are conserving their energy use, they need to be able to access their usage whenever necessary. Advances in technology make this possible. For example, a new app called Dataful can instantly measure a facility’s lighting savings using four key metrics. This means no more waiting for detailed site inspections or data analysis.


Adapting to the climate change crisis and the challenges it presents will become a lot easier for the logistics industry as more technological advances are made.