Digital Innovations Coming Soon

New advances in technology are accelerating the pace of change for businesses across Europe. However, many companies are unaware of how the developments in AI, Machine Learning, data analytics or other innovations will impact their operations in 2020. Let’s take a closer look.


AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning could open up some of the most exciting possibilities for the industry. Even some options that seemed impossible only a few short years ago. Businesses will be able to capture more data from across every aspect of their operations, while at the same time, creating new ways to use these insights to transform customer relations. For an industry that relies on mobile workers, this will make work operations much smoother for managers and supervisors.

Accelerating Rollouts

Embracing AI will speed up the rollout of next-generation predictive and preventative tech across businesses of all sizes. This will give companies real-time updates into current, past and future performances at their disposal. With these new insights, fleets managers can efficiently and effectively manage both their fleets and extended networks. Information on road conditions, weather and mechanical faults can be used to predict risks more accurately than ever before.

The Excitement of 5G

As vehicles continue to add hardware and computing power to handle their data and make it entirely actionable in their day-to-day operations, they need to be able to communicate that data with other vehicles. The higher capacity of 5G networks will make this possible. 5G will make vehicles the centerpiece of the mobile work environment. This will help change the entire workspace environment of the future. The logistics industry will be leading the way in smarter operations as we adapt to this new tech.


The future of fleet management will continue to determine the competitive landscape for businesses of all industries. The logistics sector will be prepared to lead the way.