The Benefits of New “Smart Containers”

We’ve seen the benefits of smart technology in our everyday lives, with mundane tasks and conveniences, but its reach is far more powerful than that. Smart technology can make the world of shipping and receiving a much safer and predictable place. Read on to learn more.

What is a Smart Container?

A smart container is equipped with sensors that provide tracking in real time of its every movement. Currently, technology is being developed so that these sensors will also be able to determine the nature of the components inside the container. Not only will the container be tracked anywhere in the world, but potentially hazardous materials can also be flagged before they are handled.

Keep Track of Hazardous Cargo

Cargo fires are a problem. Besides the obvious grave danger they put workers in, they also contribute to the waste of goods and profits. With the use of “smart containers,” flammable/hazardous materials can be detected and handled properly and safely. New advances are being made to existing smart technology that will alert shippers ahead of time to hazardous materials that may not have been labeled or input correctly.

Avoid Fines and Penalties

Mis-declared cargo that is deemed dangerous can receive fines as hefty as $35,000 per container. These steep penalties can be avoided with the use of smart containers. Not only will it be harder to purposely mis-declare cargo, increasing trust between shipping partners, but fines can also be avoided due to human error. As technology develops, sensors able to detect the most commonly mis-delcared hazardous materials will be used.

Even More Benefits in the Future

Although we don’t know all the details quite yet, the smart containers of the future will provide even more safety and cost reductions than they already do. Stay tuned for more!