The New Electric Drayage Truck

It has arrived! The new electric drayage truck is here, and it is making positive strides in the logistics industry. The first delivery by an electric drayage truck was completed by a trucker in the Port of New York and New Jersey and it has everyone excited for the future. Here are some reasons to be excited about this advancement in shipping technology.

Zero-Emissions and Battery Powered

The new electric drayage trucks boast a zero-emissions title and can help all companies looking for ways to reduce global pollution while maintaining a steady cargo flow. The first delivery saw a 14,000 pound container delivered from 36 miles away. The new drayage truck uses a battery pack that allows the truck to travel about 125 miles per full charge. The truck can carry a total of 105,000 pounds in its cargo area.

Cut Pollution, Reduce Global Warming Effects

According to The Environmental Defense Fund, freight trucks are responsible for 7% of all corporate greenhouse gas emissions. Ironically, the logistics industry has seen such a financial hit from the effects of global warming that it was time to start taking action to reduce the effects of shipping on the greenhouse gas emissions in the country. The EPA has implemented new stricter regulations on freight trucks to try to encourage more responsible practices.

Strict Rules Require Action

California has the strictest environmental regulations in the country, with its Clean Truck program calling for zero truck emissions by 2035. This is a tall order, but the new electric Drayage truck is helping to meet that goal. Eventually, the addition of clean diesel and natural gas vehicles will further assist California in achieving its ambitious goals.

The new electric drayage truck is the start of a cleaner, more responsible logistics industry. Every little step points us all in the right direction.