A More Favorable Environment for US Shippers in 2023

The United States shipping industry looks forward to a more favorable environment in 2023. After a tumultuous year in 2022, industry experts predict and are currently experiencing a more stable and prosperous year. Read more to learn why the shipping landscape is looking up in the United States.


Supply Chain Bottlenecks Ease Up

One of the main reasons for this optimistic outlook is the anticipated easing of supply chain bottlenecks, which was a significant challenge for shippers in 2022. With the rollout of vaccines and the return of more workers to factories and ports, experts believe that the congestion that has caused delays and increased costs has subsided. In addition, the expansion of infrastructure projects such as highways, railways, and ports will also help to improve the efficiency of the US shipping industry. The latest proposed infrastructure bill is expected to provide much-needed funding for these projects and benefit shippers by reducing transit times and costs.

New Technology Will Make Shipping More Efficient

Furthermore, adopting new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence will also help shippers better manage their supply chains and improve their bottom lines. These technologies will enable greater visibility and traceability of goods, allowing shippers to identify and address issues more quickly and effectively. New tech is being implemented daily, so the evolution of shipping efficiency is steady – with no signs of slowing down. Companies utilizing the latest tech are enjoying a vast number of benefits as a result.


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