All Points Container Line Featured in AiO Logistics Digital Newsletter

We are thrilled to announce that All Points Container Line was prominently featured in AiO (All in One) Logistics Network’s newsletter.


What is The AiO Logistics Network?

The AiO Logistics Network is a group of industry leaders in logistics. They aim to improve many aspects of logistic services, with a focus on specialized cargo. The organization includes experts from around the world that can work together to move the industry forward.

Why All Points Container Line Was Featured

AiO Logistics Network looks for examples of specialized cargo shipments handled expertly by a logistics company. All Points Container Line recently coordinated a unique shipment that AiO reviewed and deemed incredible enough to feature on the cover of the newsletter.

The Unique Shipment Highlighted

All Points handled the shipment of a large boat and flying bridge that needed to travel an estimated 5,000 miles to reach its destination. They were ordered from a factory in South Carolina and needed to be delivered to a dealer in Brazil. In total, the cargo weighed over 10 tons, requiring special preparation and handling to ensure no damage was incurred. As an added challenge, a significant equipment shortage had to be navigated as well. In the end, our team overcame all of the challenges and delivered the cargo to its destination safely.

All Point’s Experience and Expertise

The featured article mentions that All Points handles many Out of Gauge (OOG) cargo shipments every year. Our commitment to proficiently managing these types of shipments is the main reason why AiO chose to feature All Points. We’re proud of our work and incredibly thankful for AiO’s recognition.


If you have any specialized cargo that needs to be prepared, handled, shipped, and delivered by proven industry leaders – contact All Points Container Line today! Our team is excited to take on unique shipping challenges.