Container Ship Schedule Reliability Continues to Improve

After dealing with unprecedented challenges, ocean freight vessel schedule reliability is continuing to improve. The trend appears to be moving in the right direction and the industry is more prepared than ever to deal with unexpected changes!


A Promising Trend

Thankfully, global container shipping schedule reliability continues to rise. It has increased month over month since the summer of 2022.  Sea-Intelligence CEO Alan Murphy noted that the average delay for late vessel arrivals “have been dropping sharply so far this year, tapering off a little in the past few months. In July 2022, average delay improved by -0.09 days M/M, which means that the delay figure is now firmly below the 7-day mark, and an improvement over the respective 2021 figure.”

The Most Reliable Carrier

The Sea Intelligence’s GLP report covered schedule reliability across 34 different trade lanes and over 60 carriers. With a schedule reliability of a whopping 48%, Maersk was the most reliable carrier in July of 2022. According to the GLP report, that was closely followed by Evergreen with 44.3%. Nine additional carriers followed close behind with a schedule reliability of 30-40%. “In July 2022, once again, a lot of the carriers were very close to each other in terms of schedule reliability, with ten carriers within ten percentage points of each other,” Murphy noted. A lot of these companies were able to report massive improvements, some were in the double digits.


This is promising news for the logistics sector, especially sea freight. Remember, despite an ever-changing landscape, All Points Container Line has held fast in our commitment to providing reliable shipping for all your cargo. We’ll ensure your cargo is handled by container ship companies that have excellent schedule reliability. This is just one of the many factors we monitor and consider when choosing the best logistic options for your products.