FTA COVID-19 Good Practice Guide

The FTA and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) have launched a document sharing practical advice forum called the Good Practice Guide for COVID-19. This guide will offer practical advice on how transport operators and logistic businesses can reopen their operations safely and quickly as the world emerges from lockdown. Here’s a closer look at the advice the guide offers.


Protecting the Workforce is Goal #1

As businesses in the logistics industry begin to restart their operation, protecting their workforce from COVID-19 is the number one priority. This is why the Good Practice Guide is such a vital tool for all transport operators and businesses wanting to provide safe environments for their staff. The guide is designed to be used with the official UK government guidance on Safer Workplace. It covers critical considerations like risk assessment, social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing, and the use of PPE and face masks.

Excellent Example of the Heart of the Logistics Industry

The COVID-19 Good Practice Guide is just one example of how hard the logistics industry works to generate practical guidance and information for their partners and workers. The pandemic has altered so many factors in how logistics businesses operate. Everyone is moving cautiously into this new normal as safely and efficiently as possible. This document will be of great value to all those operating in this sector, as well as the clients and customers they serve.


The logistics industry is dedicated to reopening its operations safely and in accordance with all local and national recommendations. Safety measures are in place to protect the health of all workers and customers. Changes are being made every day as more information is learned about the virus and how it spreads. Access to the FTA Covid-19 Good Practice Guide is available to all UK logistics businesses and can be viewed here.