Growth of E-Commerce and How It’s Shaping the Trucking Industry

Shopping online is just as common as going out to the grocery store. Although the pandemic sped up this trend, online shopping was already becoming as American as apple pie. E-commerce, buying and selling goods online, is rarely about purchasing one product. In fact, most online shoppers order several items at once. Furthermore, many businesses are also ordering pallets of goods through e-commerce sites! That cargo needs to get from wherever they’re coming from to the consumer. This uptick in package moving has undoubtedly begun to shape the trucking industry in new ways.


The Massive Trucking Industry

Few people realize the massive size of the trucking industry. Trucks are responsible for most of the on-land freight movement. As of 2019, the trucking industry brought in almost $792 Billion in revenue. This revenue has helped to develop some incredible new technology. Because trucking plays such a significant role on the roadways, advanced truck features are constantly being tested and explored. Safety for the driver and other drivers on the roads is always at the top of the list when developing new truck tech.

Streamlining the Order Fulfillment Process

Because of the popularity of e-commerce, warehouses all over the country know the importance of staying well-stocked. A well-stocked warehouse means items can be shipped out quickly, sometimes within hours of the customer placing an order. Streamlining the order fulfillment process is a must. To do so, there needs to be company transparency and user-friendly order placing platforms. It also means companies are more likely to hire third-party logistics companies to help with the influx of orders.


No matter what happens, the future is clear– e-commerce is not slowing down. So, the trucking industry must evolve to keep up! Contact All Points today if you need third-party logistics services.