How Container Shipping Is A Global Solution

With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, many people today are taking advantage and starting their own businesses. A good majority of these home businesses rely on reselling or even drop shipping. Furthermore, while many people assume drop shipping is the better option due to the logistics, what people don’t consider is how container shipping can offer a much more profitable solution to their business.


Global Coverage

Regardless of where you are located, container shipping can reach you. With export customs clearance, there is nowhere in the world you can’t receive your products. This advantage can be especially beneficial if you are looking to buy or sell in bulk.

Types of Containers

Containers can come in all shapes and sizes, which provides the opportunity to select the one that makes the most sense for you.

Dry Storage Containers – Used for shipping dry goods which don’t typically require any particular type of care.

Open Side Container – As the name says, these containers are open on the sides, allowing for much wider or longer goods to fit inside.

Flat Rack Container – Available with collapsible or non-collapsible sides, they can come with an open top and sides to fit an even larger number of items.

Refrigerated Container – As the name suggests, these containers are available with climate control to allow you to ship temperature-sensitive goods.

Tanks – Tank containers are designed to hold liquid. These are also available with insulation or climate control to ensure your product is kept at an optimum temperature.

Car Carriers – These containers are made for carrying cars. They usually have unique properties making them more durable than a typical container.


As you can imagine, with so many options, delivery and pricing models may vary. Like with any business decision, choosing the right type of shipping method can be tricky. With many different logistical options, from the type of containers to the freight companies in charge of the ocean leg itself, container shipping might provide the logistical solution your company needs.