How Robot Technology is Affecting the Shipping Industry

Comau recently introduced its RACER-5-0.80 (Racer-5 COBOT), which is sure to shake up the shipping industry. It’s a new wonder in collaborative robotics that meets the growing demand for fast, cost-effective robots that can be used in small spaces. It can be utilized in narrow lanes of a warehouse, docking stations, and in many other areas. This speedy COBOT can work at industrial speeds up to 6m/s. Plus, this robot machine can instantly switch from a collaborative mode to full speed, even without a human operator around. Its repeatability and advanced movement can deliver unmatched production rates. Read on to learn more about this amazing technology.


Cool Features


Racer-5 COBOT can enable systems integrators and human operators to automate even the most sophisticated logistics processes. There is no need to sacrifice speed, precision, or intelligence with these guys either. These powerful industrial robots can operate in dual modes. Customers can install a single solution instead of having to use two different robots or other methods. “Our new Racer-5 COBOT delivers the speed and precision the small payload collaborative robotics market was missing,” Pietro Ottavis, Comau Chief Technology Officer explained.


Made in Italy


This incredible technology is made entirely in Turin, Italy. The Racer-5 COBOT has a strict construction process that facilitates higher precision and repeatability every year. This makes it suitable for assembly, material handling, machine tending, and several different applications within the automotive and shipping sectors. To top this all off, the compact COBOT is easily transported and installation can occur pretty much anywhere. This helps customers optimize their processes and protect their investments in this special technology.


Although there are many other technological advances in the shipping industry, the Racer-5 COBOT is one of the most impressive as of late.