How The Logistics Industry Is Planning for The COVID-19 Vaccine Transport

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) urges governments to begin constructing their plans with industry stakeholders to ensure complete readiness when COVID-19 vaccinations are finally approved and available to distribute internationally. IATA also warned of the possible severe capacity constraints in air transport of the vaccines. Read on to learn more.


Air Cargo

Air cargo will play a major role in vaccine distribution that will be crucial to the vaccines’ quick and efficient transport when they are ready. Careful planning by governments, with industry stakeholder support, is essential. IATA’s Direct General and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, said

“Safely delivering COVID-19 vaccines will be the mission of the century for the global air cargo industry. But it won’t happen without careful advance planning. And the time for that is now. We urge governments to take the lead in facilitating cooperation across the logistics chain so that the facilities, security arrangements, and border processes are ready for the mammoth and complex task ahead.”


When transported, vaccines must be treated in line with international regulations. This means the transport process must be as quick as possible, so temperatures are completely controlled. There are still many unknowns like the number of doses, temp sensitivity, manufacturer location, etc. However, proper delivery to every area of the world will need to be properly planned and coordinated.

Security and Border Processes

Since the COVID-19 vaccines will be valuable cargo, arrangements will be made to ensure that all shipments are secure and impossible to tamper with. This will require complicated planning, since the sheer volume of vaccine shipments will be potentially large. Plans will include effective coordination with health and customs authorities. Timely regulation approvals, top-notch security measures, customs clearance, and appropriate handling will all be priorities.


We will continue to monitor this situation and wish everyone well in the COVID 19 vaccine planning.