Logistics Plays Vital Role in Leveling Up Agenda

Recently, a report investigating The Impact of Logistics Sites in the UK was released. This report was commissioned by Amazon and produced by Frontier Economics. Part of a Logistics of Leveling Up round-table held at the House of Commons, the meeting featured many distinguished guests.


Discussions About Roles

Most of the discussions at the meeting involved the role of the sector in facilitating economic recovery. Logistics is an evolving industry at the heart of the UK’s economy. The number of people working in the logistics sector has dramatically increased in the last ten years. UK Country Manager for Amazon, John Boumphrey, said, “The logistics industry plays an absolutely critical role in this country, and we believe it can also play a major role in the leveling up agenda: creating jobs, supporting small businesses, and connecting remote communities to economic success.

What the Research Tells Us

A key discovery in the research is that over 60% of logistics managers working in the field today do not have a college degree. This indicates that the logistics industry is allowing people to excel and move up the ladder without university credentials. Social mobility like this is priceless. The industry is creating jobs, providing people with rewarding careers, and has plenty of opportunities to advance. The fact that all this can be done without a formal education is appealing to so many different demographics.

The Logistics Industry is in a Unique Position

As a diverse job provider, the logistics industry has created a unique position for itself in the job marketplace. Offering varying salaries and skill points, the industry has a key role to play in the UK’s leveling up agenda. Thus, logistics need to be included in all upcoming urban and rural development plans. This will maximize the impact it can provide on the economy.