The Mission To Seafarers Support Campaign

The Mission to Seafarers has been keeping track of the needs of seafarers through a new digital support system called “Chat to a Chaplain”. Let us take a closer look at the Seafarers Happiness Index.


Keep the Morale Up

With the pandemic still very much affecting the entire world, seafarers are suffering. Constantly evolving crew changes and challenging circumstances are having an impact on mental health and wellbeing. In response to this stress, the Mission will focus on two primary support systems: Resilience in ports AND Technological innovations to improve connectivity.

Resilience in Ports

To improve the Mission’s ability to offer continual care and support, the Flying Angel program will provide PPE for all port teams to ensure as much protection as possible for the frontline teams. Also, to safely transport healthy seafarers and keep them from contracting COVID-19, vehicles will be modified to include screens separating drivers and passengers and include hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaners. Every 121 Flying Angel Center will be deep cleaned before opening and provisions will be made to protect staff and seafarers. The Mission will continue to make advocacy a priority, and make sure the world continues to see seafarers as essential workers, so that they are protected as such.

Technological Innovation

Since technology has been improving the wellbeing of seafarers, the Seafarers UK and the Marine Society has sponsored the use of the digital chaplaincy service to be available to seafarers 24/7. The Mission plans to build on this and create a digital welfare hub for seafarers and their families. Access to wellbeing resources will also be available to them.


Seafarers are essential, and everyone at All Points Container Line are happy to see The Mission making them a priority during this trying time for all of us.