The New and Unique Direct to Rail Capability

The new passenger trains for the Sydney network arrived at Port of Newcastle recently. This will allow them to take advantage of the port’s direct connections to the New South Wales rail networks. Let’s take a closer look at this complicated system.


A Delicate Operation

When the general cargo vessel AAL Hong Kong arrived at Port of Newcastle carrying two Waratah Series 2 trains, each of them had eight carriages full of cargo. Each was unloaded by crane and then towed by a locomotive for further introduction into the Sydney passenger network. Jointly coordinated by several different ports, this operation will be replicated again over the next several months as part of Transport NSW’s Sydney Growth Trains Stage 2 project.


Good Use of Superior Rail Infrastructure

This successful operation was another example of the organization working together to provide the most efficient logistics solutions. It also proves they can make good use of its superior rail infrastructure and related connections. Port of Newcastle’s CEO Craig Carmody boasts of the port’s critical advantages in unloading this type of rolling stock cargo. “Newcastle has a key advantage in being able to unload this type of rolling stock cargo directly onto rail lines immediately next to the ship, without the need for any unnecessary truck movements,” Mr. Carmody said.


Continued Improvements

Mr. Carmody vowed to continue to work closely with customers, as well as service providers, across a range of industries. The goal is to deliver the smoothest and most efficient supply chain for their cargo. Everything the port is currently doing is part of their diversification strategy to ensure long-term prosperity.


It is great to see these new and unique direct to rail capabilities as ports continue to adapt to the constantly changing industry and its needs.