US Ports Fare Well in Congressional Appropriations

Members from the US who are a part of the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) are happy to learn that many port-related programs pushed by the AAPA are included in the legislative appropriation package recently released by Congress. Once the funding is allocated, ports will be able to deliver goods, employment, and the overall quality of life that Americans look forward to. Let’s take a closer look.


Port Infrastructure Development

Port infrastructure development both waterside and landside will have major funding because of this spending bill. It also invests in multiple transportation means and ensures that goods moving through US ports will be inspected timely. Although much more is needed, this bill will address the top priorities for improving infrastructure at America’s seaports. It will ultimately go far in enhancing trade and transport all across America.


Fund Projects and Eliminate Delays

This bill will be used to fund projects and eliminate delays as well as fix the US transportation network. Because of recent problems and a lack of funding, the flow of freight across the country is sometimes stalled, which increases shippers’ and receivers’ costs due to waiting. Fixing these delays will significantly lower overall costs.


Port Infrastructure Development Program

$225 million of the funding will go to the Port Infrastructure Development Program, which will be used in a variety of ways. Gate improvements, road and rail improvements within and connected to ports, berth improvements, and cargo operations improvements are all among the priorities. $200 million of the funds will be used for coastal seaports and Great Lake ports, which will go a long way to heal current problems in the sea freight sector.


We are so excited to watch the many improvements that will happen across the nation due to the congressional appropriation of funds happening soon. Stay tuned for more.