What Will the Eco-Friendly Truck Parks of the Future Look Like

While considering that climate change is a potential looming threat, a leading European company focusing on truck drivers and fleet operators has unveiled a look at a possible truck park of the future.


An Eco-Friendly Vision

The UK government’s 2040 ban on diesel-based truck production and the UN’s target to secure a global net-zero are forcing the industry to evolve quickly. The depiction of Truck Park in 2049 is a glimpse into a pivotal moment when the industry will see a new era. Delivery will be in demand more than ever by that time, but the trucks will be smarter, more efficient, and run-on renewable energy.

Trucks of the Future

According to the heads of Volvo and Daimler, hydrogen-powered trucks will be capable of driving extremely long distances. There is also a goal of 100% zero emissions by 2040. Electric batteries will assist trucks in long hauls with no recharging. Five minutes of charging is expected to give a truck up to 100 miles of drive time. Despite all this, drivers will still be a crucial part of the future. However, they’ll need to enhance their maintenance skills to allow these automated vehicles on the road. Secure parking and fast-charging stations will also be required.

A Transitional Period for the Trucking Industry

Emma Westwood, the commercial manager for SNAP said, “This is a truly transitional period for the haulage industry. Technology is already accelerating rapidly, which means truck parks of the future will be very different to what we know today. By visualizing what a truck park in 2049 might comprise, our aim is to help support and guide drivers and fleet operators so they can better prepare and plan for this new landscape.”


The future, as expected, will involve a lot of changes in the industry! Work with a logistics company like All Points Container Line to keep you and your cargo moving with the latest advances in mind!