Charleston Port Touts Coming Boosts in Throughput Capacity

Recently the South Carolina Ports Authority outlined a plan to utilize 19,000 TEU container ships using new large cranes. The vision also includes better use of land, deeper harbors and a container terminal to be opened in 2021. Let’s take a closer look at this project.


Lots of Money Spent

Over $1.7 billion will go into improving the Wando Welch Terminal and opening the Hugh K. Leatherman Sr. Terminal. In addition, the inner harbor will be deepened 52 feet.


Future Investment is Vital

Investing in the future is vital for Charleston to stay in the top ten US ports. It is also responsible for one out of every ten jobs in South Carolina, as well as 10% of the state’s GDP.


Wando Terminal Updates

With all these upgrades, the South Carolina Ports Authority will be able to handle more TEU ships at once, as well as much larger vessels. With its new possession of three ZPMC cranes, the equipment is being prepared to use as early as next year. These new cranes are much taller than the old ones and have a much wider reach, which enables them to move containers back and forth over large vessels. All this new equipment will ensure the Ports Authority remains competitive. Wando is expected to have 15 of these large cranes by 2021.


More Containers

With all these new cranes, SCPA will be increasing the number of containers it can handle inside Wando. Container yards are being converted right now from a manual system to rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs). SCPA will have to move the chassis depot to an outside parking lot to achieve a higher capacity.


All these exciting new updates will put Charleston on the map as one of the most technologically advanced ports in the US.