Making Our Roads Virtually Safe

Virtual reality has overgone quite a bit of advancement as of late, and it’s not just for gamers anymore. It can be used in education and training in many industries. For example, VR can be used by trucking companies to train their drivers on how to properly drive and park in various situations. Road-related accidents are one of the biggest causes of injury and death, so virtual reality can play a massive role in making our roads safer. Here’s how,


A 360° Experience

When you’re using virtual reality, you’re not just seeing images right in front of you. You have a complete 360-degree view of everything around you, immersing you in the reality you choose. Using blacked-out goggles that look similar to a ski mask, the user sees whatever is inputted for them to see. They can move around and twist side to side to see more of the “reality.” This kind of interactive experience is like no other and can offer so much more effective teaching than just watching videos or different types of simulations.


Profound Effects on the User

Trucking companies have found that this all-encompassing experience has a profound effect on the user. Illustrating the possible consequences of careless driving using virtual reality can leave long-lasting impacts and changes in behavior without the psychological and physical effects of an actual trucking accident.


Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Using virtual reality, trucking companies can educate drivers on the importance of being aware of cyclists and pedestrians on the road. Something that most drivers may be unaware of regarding cyclists is “dooring,” which is what happens when an unsuspecting driver opens their vehicle door and causes an impact with an approaching cyclist. Virtual reality can help drivers see the effect of small changes, such as using your opposite arm to open the car door so that you would turn your entire body while opening the door, which would allow you to see any oncoming cyclists.


Virtual reality is being used in many different ways to make the entire logistics industry safer and more efficient!