FTA Launches Forum to Support Industry

The business group representing the entire logistics center, the FTA, has launched an online platform to support businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis. This will allow the FTA to see areas of the logistics industry that require help, and the specifics that may help. Let’s take a closer look.


FTA’s Reasons for Forming the Platform

Kevin Green, the FTA’s Director of Marketing and Communications, explained that he wanted to open the conversation so that businesses in the logistics industry would feel comfortable expressing their specific needs during the pandemic. An online platform was the easiest and most efficient way to do this, while ensuring everyone that needed access would have it. Green said that previous social media campaigns were effective almost immediately, which prompted the creation of the online platform. The goal is to ensure goods are still moving across the globe, and labor shortages are avoided.


Online Network Building

Logistics companies are able to access the incredibly helpful FTA’s Member to Member Forum. On this professionally build, industry specific forum – businesses and fleets will be able to reach out to other businesses and resources in the industry to fill in labor or employment gaps. For example, if one company needs additional vehicles or drivers due to COVID-19 related issues, they have the capability to discuss their needs with others in the industry that can help. The industry has come together in an excellent way to show solidarity during this unique and challenging time.


As time goes on, the forum will bring to light even more issues or concerns that could be addressed. It is a great tool to see exactly what challenges companies are facing and addressing them as soon as possible. Overall, the FTA is helping to provide hope and stability to logistics companies in this uncertain time.