Logistics Tech to Expect as Soon as 2020

New technology is changing the landscape of so many businesses across Europe. All the changes are causing uncertainty about what these tech advances will do to the industry. Here’s a closer look at what logistics tech to expect as soon as 2020.


AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will bring about opportunities and advancements that no one could have even dreamed of just a couple of years ago. The most significant change this will bring to the logistics industry specifically is the ability to capture more data across every aspect of operations. This will allow companies to transform their customer’s experience by providing the most accurate information available.


Next-Generation Predictive Technology

Embracing AI will help speed up the rollout of next-gen predictive and preventative technology to businesses of all sizes. Companies will have near real-time updates into the past and future performance across their entire operations. Because of this, fleet managers can manage both their fleets and extended networks more efficiently. Data on road conditions, weather updates and mechanical faults will be used to predict risks before they can impact the business.


Connect Fleets and Workforces

With the explosion in the growth of data along with a rapid expansion in telematics, the potential of the connected workforce will be unleashed. Service providers dependent on fleets will move from reliance on vehicle monitoring date to gaining more info on those working on the vehicles. Also, fleet managers will be able to do everything using a single app, without having to switch back and forth between systems.


Safety Will Get More Vocal

Mobile workers will be harnessing the power of voice recognition tech to help improve their safety. Updated voice recognition tech will become an even more powerful tool for mobile workers. It will allow data to be inputted hands-free and streamline communication with managers.


We look forward to seeing what other new changes this exciting new tech will bring to the logistics industry.