Amazing Individuals with 3D Printers are Helping The Fight Against Coronavirus

The current COVD-19 outbreak has required the need for a lot of supplies, especially personal protection equipment (PPE). Incredibly, people with 3D printers were able to help by creating supplies when they were in need. Below are just a few stories of some pretty remarkable individuals!


New Albany Grad 3D Prints Face Shields

One of the most crucial pieces of PPE is the face shield for people that come in close contact with others. This is especially needed for those working in hospitals or testing facilities. Aaron Westbrook, who made a prosthetic limb for himself when he was 15, wanted to help as soon as he could. He had access to the equipment needed and the experience to make effective face shields. His goal is to create 10,000 of them!

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Doctor Creating Face Masks With 3D Printer

When you think about the material that most face masks are made from, you probably wouldn’t imagine that a 3D printer can create items with those types of materials. However, Dr. Dusty Richardson is creating a reusable plastic mask that can accommodate replaceable filters. With proper washing and care, each plastic masks can get 6-10 uses before a new one is needed. This type of ingenuity has allowed medical professionals to not worry about changing their entire mask multiple times per day.

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2 Entrepreneurial Children Are Making Masks More Comfortable

The masks that are fastened around individual’s ears can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. In a time like this, medical professionals can’t afford to be distracted by their masks. This is where Christophe (12 years old) and Sophie (10 years old) Davis found a way to help. They are making adapters that secure the current masks around medical professionals’ heads instead of their ears. This is helping them stay comfortable and less distracted throughout the day!

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