Devil in the Details of Brexit says FTA

The Brexit situation has caused a lot of confusion in industries all over the world. The logistics industry may be the top contender for this uncertainty. But as they say, “The devil is in the details.” Let’s take a closer look at the details.


The FTA Steps Up

The FTA is the only business group that represents the entire logistics industry. They are currently calling on the government to answer critical questions about the future trading agreements with the EU after the Brexit transition period. This comes after comments from the Chancellor of the Exchequer suggested that the industry has already had plenty of time to prepare. The FTA insists there are plenty of questions that remain unanswered and demand more clarification.


Unanswered Questions

Among the problems that will need to be solved is the way goods will be transferred across borders between the UK and the EU. Also, many arrangements will have to be put in place between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The FTA maintains that the logistics industry will not be able to run smoothly until these issues are resolved.


Trade Deals Still in the Works

What makes the Chancellor’s comments even more confusing is the fact that there are still talks of future trade deals that have yet to be made. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was talking in February about possible deals in the works.


The FTA Must be Involved

In order to make all these transitions as smooth as possible, the FTA must be involved in the process every step of the way. Thankfully, most people agree. Those in the know have been in contact with the FTA and are encouraging them to keep the communication going. The only thing that will make this transition go smoothly, is constant contact with the FTA and those involved.


We’ll keep an eye on the Brexit transition as time goes by.