Great Tech Advances for Trucking

Ask anyone in logistics and they’ll tell you that not only are truck drives part of the foundation of the shipping world, but they’re also the backbone of the economy. When it comes to transporting goods for both customers and businesses, the trucking industry is critical. While the fundamentals of this will probably never change, many new trucking trends are shaking up the industry. Most trucks are now monitored using real-time data reporting tools. Plus, optimized loads and collaborative shipping processes are a real possibility. Read on to learn more about the innovative technology influencing trucking.


Self-Driving Trucks

It’s not just the consumer sector that’s excited about autonomous and self-driving vehicles. Many auto manufacturers are also developing and testing self-driving trucks specifically for moving cargo. Recently a company called was able to navigate a freight truck across the United States without a single problem. But don’t worry, this won’t put truck drivers out of a job. Automated trucks will most likely be used for tasks outside the realm of human capacity. This means self-driving trucks will be saved for long road trips with no time for stops to make tight or last-minute deadlines.


More Safety

For trucks that still need a human driver, this tech can still play a significant role. Specifically, safety-focused technologies can help improve driver experiences. To do this, AI can be an assistant instead of the main driving force. Imagine a freight truck driver being able to take a quick break to stretch their legs while the truck is still able to drive safely. In addition, the driver can be alerted to potential hazards in blind spots, or automatic braking can engage when a driver misses something critical. These little assists can be the difference between life and death.

The tech advances for trucking sure look exciting, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more developments.