How Great Traffic Changes Will Affect Road Logistics

Freight transportation has been a viable shipping method around the world for over a hundred years. It has become one of the most essential, cost-effective ways to move goods for companies near and far. Besides trains, the trucking industry is incredibly robust in the world of shipping, especially in the United States. There’s no denying it; we’ve come quite a long way from the days of horses and buggies on unpaved roads. According to the Federal Highway Administration, only about 3% of interstate freight was shipped within the trucking industry before 1940. Most of the shipping load was covered by the freight industry. Today, truck shipping is a more than $791 Billion industry. Read on to learn how traffic changes will affect this vital shipping method.


Advances in Tech

Technology advances in the logistics space continue to advance at mind-blowing speeds. Leaders in trucking are working to incorporate various tech innovations right into their business model. To maintain a competitive edge well into the future, fleet managers must embrace all the new tech that is making splashes in the industry.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is a big part of the puzzle that is creating lasting and efficient infrastructure. AI (artificial intelligence) is playing a significant role in piecing together all these logistical considerations. No matter the cargo or fleet size, AI and machine learning are priceless when processing the massive amount of info collected on transport vehicles. AI can also help interpret and organize data from sources across the supply chain. This data helps identify problem areas so they can be corrected in real-time. Fleet managers can also work to mitigate issues that impact productivity, efficiency, and of course – profits. Over time AI could serve trucking companies by reducing miles driven, improving routes, and streamlining the entire shipping process.

We look forward to the many advancements AI will help facilitate, especially in the trucking industry!