How to Avoid Container Scams

Because of rising costs, there has been a surge in shipping container scams. Not only are they happening more frequently, but each scam is more complex and sophisticated than in recent years. The most popular container scam is to offer high-end containers at a reduced price. Once ordered, the promised shipping containers never come. Read on to learn how to avoid container scams.


Verify the Identity of the Seller

Scammers use existing company names, or similar sounding ones, to appear credible. It’s common for a container scammer to steal logos or brand language to make their scams seem legitimate. They can spoof quotes, emails, contact details, etc., to fool you into giving them money. Before completing a purchase with a new seller, check key sources to match up contact details. Instead of clicking on any email links, Google the company’s name or go directly to their site. Match up any contact emails, phone numbers, or info there.

Beware of Third-Party Purchasing Sites

Shipping container scammers often use third-party selling sites like Gumtree, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace to advertise their non-existent containers. While you can spot some red flags by combing reviews, purchasing from official company websites is best.

If the Price is Too Good to be True, It’s Probably a Scam

The prices of containers are determined by worldwide manufacturing trends and complicated logistic requirements. While it’s true that prices are constantly fluctuating, it’s rare to find legitimate container sales significantly lower than anywhere else. Be extremely cautious if you’ve stumbled upon an unbelievable deal on shipping containers.

Report Any Suspected Scams

To ensure more people don’t get scammed, be sure to report any container scams you come across. Sites like Action Fraud allow you to fill out detailed reports for container scams. If you’ve lost money through fraud, report it to your local police department.


To avoid these types of scams entirely, work with a reputable logistics company like All Points Container Line!