Partner With a Logistics Company to Navigate Impending Shipping Challenges

Most freight forwarders, traders, and shippers expect more challenges in the peak season compared to 2021. A recent survey released by Container xChange showed the impending situation everyone is preparing for.


How much of a challenge can we expect?

Amanda Mallia, Head of Sales and Purchasing for a major container company, responded to the Container xChange survey. She said, “We are finding it difficult to forecast where we should be sending our containers and whether we will make any profit since the shipping lines are asking higher fees for SOC containers.” Since the China covid lockdown, it has been heavily congested. This has led to less demand for empty containers in the peak season. Christian Roeloffs, co-founder and CEO of Container xChange said, “Predicting exactly what will happen in this year’s peak season is harder than normal because there are so many contradictory signs and intangibles.”

Why You Should Partner With a Logistics Company

Trusting your cargo with a reputable logistics company, like All Points Container Line, gives you a bit of a cushion in these uncertain times. With our customers in mind, we are navigating the shipping container challenges the same way we’ve navigated the pandemic’s many unique challenges. While the situation and industry continue to change, we haven’t changed our priorities. We constantly monitor the ports, rail systems, and other container logistics factors to choose the best path forward. Working consistently with a logistics company like ours gives you a step up on your competition. You’ll be able to ship your goods more consistently and reliably than the competitors trying to navigate the challenges on their own.


Have questions about how this shipping container uncertainty affects you and your business? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.