Logistics Jobs May Be Created as a Result of COVID-19

The Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) is happy to hear positive comments from Kemi Badenoch MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, and Aaron Bell MP about their work on energy innovation. Especially at a time when the ERA was beginning work on a plan to further its research into energy solutions when the comments were made. Let us look at what this all means.


Creating Green Jobs

This plan represents the region’s commendable climate agenda. And it could jumpstart employment by creating almost 7,000 post COVID-19 high-skilled green jobs. The ERA will bring together nine Midlands research intensive organizations, as well as almost 1,500 researchers. The mission is to deliver regional impact in energy and interconnected systems. The initial funding of 60 million pounds, managed through Innovate UK, has been used way beyond expectations. ERA created 23 new research organizations and has obtained considerable industrial funding in terms of new investments in energy research and development.

Appreciated Effort

Director of ETA Professor Martin Freer had this to say of the efforts, “We are delighted that the Government appreciates the work that the Energy Research Accelerator has been undertaking across the midlands on energy innovation. We would like to thank the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury for her comments and Aaron Bell MP for his support. Over the last five years, the Energy Research Accelerator has demonstrated its ability to deliver. We have established 23 world-leading facilities, secured £110 million in industrial co-investment, and have brought together over a thousand researchers who are helping hundreds of businesses to innovate. Our new proposal has the potential to deliver 7,000 high skilled green jobs to boost the UK economy’s Covid-19 recovery, and we hope the Government will back our plans in the Comprehensive Spending Review.”


It is a great and positive ongoing development. The creation of these new jobs will be welcomed good news after the difficult period of time.