How The Boston Dredging Project Will Improve The Port

We are excited to report that the US Army Corps of Engineers and Massachusetts Port Authority announced the completion of Phase II of the Boston Harbor Dredging Project. Surprisingly, the project was ahead of schedule by almost an entire year. Let us take a closer look at this project and what it will do for the port.


Constant Work

The US Army Corps of Engineers, working with Cashman Dredging Inc. and Dutra Group, have been working constantly since July 2018 to complete this project. We are not talking business hours here. We are talking 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for two years straight. The entire project is a $350 Million partnership between several parties. The amazing partnership and commitment are the main reasons why things have run so smoothly thus far.

The Other Phases

The first phase of the project consisted of maintenance dredging of the inner harbor as well as construction of a confined aquatic disposal cell. This was all completed in December of 2017. The current phase, Phase 2, is to deepen the main ship channels and began in July 2018. The third phase will remove hard rock to complete the deepening efforts and will begin in January 2021. Of moving on to Phase 3, Col John A. Atilano II, Commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers said this, “Our partnership with Massport and all of our stakeholders has made this project a success to date, allowing us to start the final phase almost a year ahead of schedule. The ability for larger vessels to call on Boston is critical to New England’s economy and supports USACE’s core navigation mission.”

Continued Growth

The three phases of this massive dredging project will support continual growth at Conley Terminal. The Port of Boston generates over $8 Billion in economic activity for the area. It supports over 9,000 jobs and imports for 2,500 businesses across New England. So, keeping the Port of Boston as functional and updated as possible is always a main goal.


We will keep you updated on the progress!