The Port of Baltimore is Reporting an Incredible Rebound

It has been a tough year for everyone, and it has been no different for the logistics industry. Fortunately, newly released figures for the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore show great rebounds. Let us take a closer look.


All Figures Show Rebound

The latest data shows volumes at the public marine terminals continue to show quite the dramatic rebound from the pandemic’s lows. Auto volumes show a triple-digit improvement. General cargo also shows an impressive increase. Governor Larry Hogan said, “The Port of Baltimore continues to be a strong partner in Maryland’s economic recovery. The latest Port numbers show we have rebounded, and in the case of auto numbers, have surpassed previous records. Maryland is open for business, and nowhere is this truer than the Port of Baltimore.”

Auto and Cargo Surges

In September, automobiles and light trucks arrived in large numbers to the Port of Baltimore. That category had quite a low point in May, so the September numbers blew those away. Compared to September of 2019, auto volumes were up 8%. When it comes to cargo, September numbers show a leap compared to June. There was a 1.6% increase from September of last year. Regarding the subject, MDOT Maryland Port Administration Executive Director William P. Doyle said, “It’s great news that we continue to see improving cargo volumes and other positive trends. We are attracting additional ocean carrier services, new product brands, and increased bulk trade through the Port. Cars are heading immediately from the Port to dealerships, and e-commerce is playing a huge role in our container increases. Consumer confidence is growing. While these are good signs, the COVID-19 pandemic is still prevalent and continues to make this a very unpredictable maritime trade environment.”


We will continue to watch these promising developments.